Photos by Prof. Karen Chan, Dr. Cynthia Yau, Ms. Esther Wong.

Last updated on Mar 4, 2019

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   Current Graduate Students   

Elizaldy MABOLOC

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email: eamaboloc"at"


PhD student in MES

Hau Kwan LO, Abby

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email: hkloab"at"

PhD student in LIFS

Jin Yung WONG

email: wongjinyung"at"

PhD student from Academia Sinica 

Co-supervised with Prof. Benny K.K. Chan


Pui Lam NG

email: plngab"at"


MPhil graduate in LIFS


Wilson YEUNG

email: lyyeungad"at"

MPhil student in LIFS


Iris LIU

email: tliuat"at"

MPhil student in LIFS


   Current Research Assistants   

Harris TSO

email: harristso"at"


I was a former UST UG student and received my master degree in Imperial College London. I am a nature enthusiast and my previous project is about the effect of neonicotinoid pesticides upon the foraging behaviour on Bombus terrestris. Currently, I would love to learn more about the marine plankton and challenges it faced in changing marine environment.

Esther WONG

email: estherwong"at"


I graduated from the Institute of Oceanography, National Taiwan University with a Master's degree. I am generally interested in studying plankton physiological responses and performance in a changing ocean environment. In particular, I like applying visualisation and automatic classification techniques to assist the analysis of zooplankton abundance, size measurement and identification.

Daniel TONG

email: tdaniel"at"

I graduated from Jane Cook University with a major of Marine Science. Living in Hong Kong, I am curious to learn about the local organisms and their habitats, as well as the ecosystem dynamics of local waters. Working in the Chan’s Lab, I hope i can have better understanding in plankton ecology and the consequences of anthropogenic pollutions to these organisms.