Photos by Prof. Karen Chan, Dr. Cynthia Yau, Ms. Esther Wong.

Last updated on Mar 4, 2019

To Chan Lab

A quantitative larval ecology lab exploring interactions between individual larvae, their fluid environments, and their population-level consequences in a changing world.


Combining coastal oceanographic, ecological, and engineering-based observational techniques, our work focuses on the main question of how individual experience in the plankton affects population dynamics.  

Marine Invertebrate Larvae Under Global Climate Change

Jan 2019


MPhil. student Wilson Yeung from Chan's lab explains why ocean acidification caused by the increasing global temperature imposes threats to marine invertebrate larvae such as sea urchins, a rare treat for sushi lovers.

New Home at Swarthmore, PA, USA 

Jan 2019


Prof. Chan has started her appointment at Swarthmore College. She will be teaching marine biology in spring. 

Chan Lab rocked at SICB Annual Meeting

Jan 2019


Three oral presentations were given at the Livin' La Vida Larva- Larval Ecology Session at the Annual Meeting for the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology in Tampa, Florida. 

We are Relocating

Nov 2018


Prof. chan and her lab will relocate to Swarthmore College, PA as of Jan 1st 2019.

Why barnacles larvae are shaped the way they are

Nov 2018


PhD student WONG Jin Yung published his meta-analysis on barnacle larvae morphology. Check out the new publication here.

Revisiting the larval dispersal black box in the Anthropocene

Aug 2018


Check out the new publication here.

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